Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 28th Rehearsal!

Rehearsal on the Hoerner stage began with the actors getting fitted for mic belts. These are the body mics which each actor will have underneath their costumes during the show.

Next, the cast went over the Act I Finale again which is coming along really nicely! While the actors were going through the finale, Mary was sitting with Adam Frank, the lighting designer for the show, and describing to him what sort of lighting she wants for each part of the scene in order to enhance it.

As I think I mentioned before, the understudies go on for those who are not able to make rehearsals so that the scenes can continue to move smoothly in rehearsals.

Brett, as always is at every rehearsal to help the accompanist and be there for any consulting that the director or anyone else needs on the script or score.

Orchestra rehearsals are now taking place at other times.

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