Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Second Rehearsal (February 27th)!

Tonight the rehearsal started off with help on French diction from Juliette Dubroca, a TAM originally from France. She went down a list given to her by the director and pronounced each of the French names and places which the actors will need to know how to pronounce in the show. It was perfect to have her with us in the theatre program! Thanks Juliette!

Like every rehearsal before acting or singing, the actors were led through a complete warmup by Joel, the musical director.

The actors then dived into the read/sing through. Director, Susannah Berryman and Choreographer, Mary Corsaro, recorded and timed the whole thing for future reference. It was hard, however, to get an accurate recording since the actors' scores are separate from their scripts. They had to go back and forth. It was great to hear those first chords though! Patrick Hunter who plays Morrel gets the excitement of beginning the whole show!

Brett is and still will be a huge part in the production of this show up until opening night since it will be the first time it is being produced and there will need to be changes here and there to the script and score. During rehearsals Brett usually sits at the piano with Amy Radics, the rehearsal accompanist, and gives advice or help to anyone when it is needed.

I had to leave early, but they finished more than half way through the second act.

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