Monday, March 19, 2007

The 2nd Read/Sing Through!

Tonight's rehearsal was the first after Spring Break and with all the seniors back from Field Studies. The full cast did a read/sing through of the full production. I could only stay for the first act, unfortunately, but it went much smoother than the first read/sing through since there has been two weeks of rehearsals! The sound crew recorded the rehearsal this time with special mics and other sound equipment. The first read/sing through recording was done with a simple tape recorder. Dewey Fleszar helped out Brett with the accompaniment on the piano before Amy could arrive to take over as rehearsal accompanist. It went really well!

Tomorrow's rehearsal will be in the Hoerner and the full cast will be going over entrances and exits to start getting a feel for the blocking, or movement around the stage, throughout the show.

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