Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tonight's Rehearsal On The Hoerner Stage!

Tonight's rehearsal began with announcements from Susannah about some changes in certain scenes. Then the cast dived right in again to running (performing) the Act I finale that had been rehearsed last night. After running the Act I finale once, both Mary and Susannah began describing to the actors the blocking/staging for Act II, starting with the first scene and continuing on from there. The structure of this rehearsing begins with Mary and Susannah describing where each person is and their actions during the scene. Then the scene is run. This begins all over again with the next scene.

Britney, the stage manager, and her assistants bring on or take off the necessary props in between scenes or while scenes are being described to the actors. These props include of course only the ones which are on hand at this time and are mostly ones which the actors need to get comfortable manuevering around or handling, such as furniture and a basket of flowers. The assistant stage managers remove any props while the scene is being run, if necessary, to keep things moving as close to the actual performance as possible.

At this point, the actors are still using their scores/scripts to perform the scenes, but are trying wherever possible not to look at their lines in hopes to keep getting farther with their memorization of the show.

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