Monday, March 19, 2007

February 28th rehearsal!

Like the start of each rehearsal, Feb. 28th's rehearsal started with a warmup for all the actors with Joel leading. Each warmup includes physical activities to warm up the body as well as vocal exercises (vocalises). Each actor follows along, however some do their own exercises which work better for them.

After the warmup, the cast finished what was left of the sing/read through from the rehearsal the day before. Then Susannah, the director, lead everyone attending the rehearsal in a discussion on the meaning of the main themes and connections of the show. Each person described their personal connection to the show and its main theme. There were various personal connections, but most talked about their connection and feelings about the true meaning of "wait and hope" which is the common phrase throughout.

It was mentioned within this discussion about how The Count of Monte Cristo is different from other stories because it starts with a big tragedy and the characters are struggling to pick up the pieces throughout the rest of the story, rather than having the story gradually develop to the climax and tragedy much later.

It was a very interesting rehearsal!

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