Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday, March 4th rehearsal

Rehearsal today consisted of "one-on-one" rehearsing between Joel, the musical director, Amy Radics, the rehearsal accompanist, and four different actors, Patrick Hunter (Morrel), Kyle Johnson (Albert), Matt Musgrove (Faria) and Dan Greenwood (Villefort). The stage managers were the only other ones there keeping everyone on schedule, besides me taking notes. Each actor worked for about 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour on each individual's solo singing parts throughout the show.

This, I believe, was the first time that I heard Matt Musgrove use his old/wise man voice to portray the character of Faria. It works so well to make one believe he is an old and very educated Italian priest and sage!

The senior Theatre Arts majors are away at what's called Field Studies where they go to NYC to network for a week with alums of IC in the theatre industry. So all rehearsals this coming week will be mostly ensemble work, since most of the principles of the show are seniors.

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