Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happy April Fools!!

This afternoon from 1:30PM to about ten of 5PM, the cast did a full "stumble through" of the show. This means of course that the show was run straight through as if it would on opening night even with some parts which have not been choreographed or really rehearsed yet. A few things Susannah mentioned which have not been worked on yet at this point is pacing and volume. It was so exciting to see it all start to come together!

The full run through did end up being 2 hours and 40 minutes, so Brett is working on cutting it down by about a half hour. Along with myself, most of the main designers on the show (lighting, costumes, sound, set, etc.) and their assistants were all there watching from the audience seating. The actors, when not needed, watched from the audience seating as well. This time Mary and Susannah were in the audience to allow for the cast to have the full space and I'm sure so they can watch from a patron's view in order to take notes on what to fix. Britney, the Stage Manager, and her assistants, Hannah and Laurel, were still on stage, but just off to the side in order to keep time, prompt lines if the actors needed it, and move props on and off the stage. They have a very hectic but fun job, I'm sure!

The "stumble through" was done without any costumes, except for mic packs (which goes around each actor's waist) and any shoes or boots that the actors wanted to get comfortable using. At this point, we are still just using the rehearsal pianist, Amy, for accompaniment.

The run was only stopped if something needed to be fixed in the music, such as transitions not going smoothly between songs, dialogue and the scene music.

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