Monday, April 16, 2007


Here's a little tid bit about dramaturgy...specifically the details of the job of a dramaturg for The Count of Monte Cristo!:

Jim Utz and I, Gina Randall, went to the very first meetings with Susannah, Gail, Joel, Mary, and Brett to read through the whole show for everyone to give input/suggestions. For the first rehearsal, Jim and I were asked to put together a presentation outlining in detail the background and history of the show as well as the author, Alexandre Dumas, of the novel upon which it is based. Jim and I had a few discussions with Susannah about what would be helpful for the actors to learn in order to understand the society which their characters lived. We decided that Jim would research the geography and history that goes along with it and I would research the history of Alexandre Dumas. Our next task was to write program notes to hopefully enhance the audience's enjoyment of the show. We decided to write separately and on what each of us had researched for the dramaturgical presentation. After spending about two weeks on writing and editing, Susannah looked them over and sent in the final draft with her director's notes. Now I am focusing on attending rehearsals and writing this blog while Jim is attending rehearsals and answering any history questions.

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