Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A list in progress of those involved in the design/production of the show! Any additions I missed?

Brett Boles - Writer/Lyricist/Composer
Susannah Berryman - Director
Gail Belokur - Assistant Director
Mary Corsaro - Choreographer
Lauren Brooke Shusterman - Assistant to the Choreographer
Joel Gelpe - Musical Director
Amy Radics - Rehearsal Accompanist
Don Tindall - Sound Designer
Tina Grant - Sound Mixer
Colin Stewart - Technical Director
Andrea Stewart - Assistant Technical Director
Matt Farrow - Technical Supervisor
Steve TenEyck - Scenic Designer
Kelly Syring - Assistant Scenic Designer
Kelly McCaffery - Scenic Charge
Binky Donley - Prop/Paint Mentor
Greg Robbins - Costume Designer
Lilly Westbrook - Costume Shop Manager
Sara Levine - Wardrobe Supervisor
Adam Frank - Lighting Designer
Jeff Strange - Lighting Supervisor
Jim Utz - Dramaturg
Gina Randall - Dramaturg
Britney Smallwood - Stage Manager
Hannah Dorfman - Assistant Stage Manager
Laurel Smith - Assistant Stage Manager
Sara Cleary - Production Liason
Mary Scheidegger - Stage Management Mentor
Casey Mateson - Fight Choreographer

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