Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First Rehearsal!

The first rehearsal, which was really exciting, went from 7PM-10PM and was held in Studio 1, one of the dance studios in Dillingham. It started out with introductions from everyone. This included name and position/character of the production crew, cast and front-of-house staff, or TAMs (Theater Arts Management majors). Stage Manager, Britney Smallwood, organized and ran the meeting, keeping track of time and the agenda.

The set, costume, and lighting designers gave brief, overview descriptions of their ideas for their designs for the show in order for the cast, as well as everyone, to see and get an understanding of what will be happening around them on stage. Jim and I, the two dramaturgs, gave a detailed background of the novel. I talked about Alexandre Dumas and the sources he used for inspiration to write the novel. Jim went into great detail for everyone about the geography and historical/political context of the novel according to how it relates to the characters and the different societies within the show (Marseilles, Paris and Rome).

The last hour was saved for the cast to learn music. Joel began with probably the hardest ensemble song in the show, "Carnival". This opens Scene ii of Act II. The cast did well in learning this difficult song quickly!

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